We help you create healthy and harmonious
living spaces that make you thrive

Your home is your ultimate support system.

It has a huge impact on your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. 


I AM HOME is committed to guide you in taking positive steps towards creating healthy indoor spaces of comfort and support; free from harmful chemicals, allergens, moulds and electro-pollution, so that you can build a better life for you and your family.

We're dedicated to inspiring healthier lifestyles across the world, one home at a time.


Did you know that your health can be directly related to the health of your home, school, or workplace? 


Think about how much time you spend in these environments. From working and studying, to cooking meals, sleeping, playing with the kids, and relaxing in the evening and on the weekends. The air inside these buildings is the very air that you breathe each and every day to stay alive.


Now, think about what's inside those buildings. These spaces are full of cleaning products that you use on daily basis, countless surfaces that you touch, and invisible things like mould and dust mites. You face particles outgassing from your furniture. You are surrounded by materials the building itself is made from. Your rooms are full of technology like solar panels, Wi-Fi, smart phones, tablets, and the TV.

All of these can be major health offenders that aggravate -

and even cause - health problems like headaches, sleep 

disturbances, fatigue, allergies and asthma. Even 

more serious effects can include potential miscarriages, learning and behavioural disorders, and a number of different cancers.

The good news is that you can significantly minimise these environmental health hazards.


This is where Building Biology comes in.

Building Biology is a field of building science that investigates indoor living and work environments for a variety of health hazards. In particular, it looks at how the environment of residential, commercial, and public buildings can affect your 

health, creating either restful or stressful places for you to spend time in. Learn more about Building Biology.


A Building Biologist will help you identify pollutants and their sources in your environment, and suggest realistic, easy-to-follow solutions to help you avoid or minimise your exposure to these irritants. They'll help you create indoor spaces that support your vibrant health and help you not just survive but thrive!


Is your home your sanctuary?

Our environments are reflections of who we are and the way we live, what we value, and what we're passionate about.

Creating your harmonious home through Design Psychology consultations will enable you to design spaces from within your inner psychology, in ways that support your wellbeing, and encourage positive growth and change. Design Psychology Consultations will help you create a home that's not only beautiful, but also meaningful and fulfilling, where you feel happy, authentic, uninhibited, and deeply connected to your soul.

Basically, where you truly feel you.

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