Creating places from the HEART.

Do your spirits rise when you get home?

Is your home peaceful and welcoming?

Does it reflect who you are and who you want to be?

Are you nurtured and inspired by your environment?

Are you Re-decorating? RemodellingBuying a new home? Or...

Stuck? In Transition? Not sure where to move next?

Interested in creating a HARMONIOUS HOME with meaning and soul?

Research indicates that our environments greatly influence not only our physical health, but also our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. When our homes feel safe, nurturing and inspiring, we experience more joy and harmony in our lives, which in turn supports better health, more positive outlook, improved relationships, and greater success.


Creating a HARMONIOUS HOME through design psychology consultations is specifically made to guide you through an interactive in-depth process that will ultimately lead you to create a blueprint of your IDEAL HOME -

a home that not only looks good but also:


  • Creates a sense of peace, beauty, security and comfort.

  • Is harmonious and in alignment with your personality and soul.

  • Supports your SPIRIT and nurtures your HEART.

  • Helps you become YOUR BEST SELF.

building biology.png

Let your HOME celebrate your LIFE - the unique inner YOU.

Transform your LIFE from the Outside In.

What you will you gain by undertaking Design Psychology JOURNEY?


  • You will gain a deeper insight into who you are and what YOU need in your ENVIRONMENT most to THRIVE.

  • You will gain a deeper understanding of how your sense of self is interconnected with your past experiences of home and how that influences your current home design and sense of place.

  • By better understanding that connection, Design Psychology consultations will provide you with tangible steps to create a home environment that is a reflection of who you are and the way you want to live. It will help you gain clarity on what changes you need to make to create a home that can help you heal, nurture and support your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and inspire you to be your most authentic self.

What is included in Design Psychology consultations?


  • 3 one-on-one x 2-hour sessions via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype.

  • Each consultation will take you through a series of interactive exercises that will explore your past, present and future sense of place to help you understand how your home affects you, learn what your home says about you and help you discover your unique expression of HOME.

  • Upon completion of all 3 consultations, you will be provided with your own personalised Design Psychology Blueprint of your Ideal Home based on your own unique sense of place, your needs, your inspirations and your aesthetic. The Blueprint will provide you with specific visual and written guidelines for home location choice, space planning, style, colour, furniture and other elements - to be used to as a foundation for creating your IDEAL HOME that is tuned specifically to your needs and flourishes from the depths of your HEART.

Tap into the power of your own SPIRIT and discover the secrets

to creating a HOME from the depths of your HEART.

A home that can become a catalyst for life-enhancing

change and your haven on Earth.