Geomancy Audit

The most fundamental premise of Geomancy is that Earth is a living organism with its own bio-magnetic field that vibrates at slightly different frequencies in different places around the world based on which all life on Earth, including human beings, has evolved upon over time (Olsen 2014).

These naturally occurring vibrations help regulate our body’s internal clock, affecting our sleep patterns, hormonal secretions, the menstrual cycle in women and so on. In fact, the human brain (and the brains of all living things) has evolved to be synchronised to the same natural rhythm as the Earth’s bio-magnetic field (Rocka & Creightmore 1996-2014). Since our brains control pretty much all processes occurring in our bodies, it becomes obvious that our biological health is very much dependent on the harmony of Earth’s vibrational frequencies (bio-magnetic field).


Natural and man-made disturbances such as geological faults, underground ore masses and underground running water as well as mining, excavation and underground transport systems and utilities can disrupt Earth’s natural and beneficial field. In such places, also called geopathic stress zones, natural Earth vibrations become distorted and harmful to living organisms (Thurnell-Read 2006).


Living or spending considerable amount of time in geopathic stress zones has reportedly been associated with widespread effects on human health and behavior including insomnia, brain fog, fatigue, heart palpitations, depression, immune dysfunctions, allergies, mental and behavioural disorders, infertility and increased susceptibility to cancer (Thurnell-Read 2006; Reid n.d.). This is more likely to arise if the person’s bed is situated over the stress zone.

What does it involve?


This audit involves assessing your home or workplace site for geopathic stress problems arising from geological faults, geomagnetic lines, ley lines and underground water courses, and providing realistic solutions to correct these disturbances and address any related concerns.

What will you get?

  • An initial interview over the phone to determine specific concerns relating to your site. 

  • A comprehensive site assessment and dowsing to locate sources of geopathic stress and identify geopathic stress zones inside the home.

  • Creating and implementing remedies to correct geopathic stress problems identified.

  • A written report which includes detailed description of each type of geopathic stress found to be affecting your property and remedies implemented to harmonise areas of high stress as well as an explanation on how these cures work and their expected effects.

  • A follow up call.

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Your Investment

From $650 - small office/standard size house

From $850 - larger office/larger house

Did you know?

The word ‘geopathic’ is derived from two Greek words: geo, meaning ‘of the earth’ and pathos, meaning ‘disease’. The literal meaning of the word geopathic is suffering or disease from the earth. Geopathic stress is the general term used for energies emanating from the earth which may negatively affect the health of humans and animals.