Build a better life for you and your family

by creating a Healthier Home

Are YOU...?

About to Rent,

Buy or Renovate? 

Suspicious of the mobile phone tower you see from the window? 

Having recurrent colds and flu's since moving into your new home? 

Have been diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome? 


Interested to find out if something in your HOME could be affecting

your HEALTH and LEARN what you can do to IMPROVE it? 

A Building Biology Healthy Home Assessment will help you do just that!

I want to make sure that the products I am cleaning our home with are not making my daughter's asthma worse.

We just had our smart meter installed. I've heard they are bad for health. What can we do?

I just want to know how safe/toxic the house is and what I can do about it.

My children have allergies. What's the best carpet to put in their bedroom? 

I have mould on my bathroom ceiling. What can I use to clean it up? It's ok, isn't it?

My children have allergies. What's the best carpet to put in their bedroom? 

I want to know how safe/toxic the house is and what I can do about it.

We are renting and drink tap water. Do we need a filter? Which filter is the best for us?

We had a mould issue which was remediated last year. I want to make sure that it hasn't come back.

What will you gain by having a

Building Biology Healthy Home Assessment?


  • It will help to answer a specific question and/or provide information on how to address an environmental health hazard that has been bothering you in your home or work environment.

  • It can uncover hidden health hazards in your home that you are not aware of and then suggest easy-to-follow solutions to help avoid or minimise your exposure to these irritants and protect your family.

  • It can give you a piece of mind and help create a home, where you and your children can be healthy, happy, free of disease, spending quality time with friends and family and actively experiencing what brings you joy.

Here are some common reasons why people choose to have a

Building Biology Healthy Home Assessment

Building Biology Services

All of our Building Biology Assessments include:​​​

An initial phone consultation to determine your specific needs and concerns, and decide which type of HEALTHY HOME assessment is the most suitable for you.

A comprehensive online questionnaire

to complete before site visit

Air, surface, dust and water sampling

can be conducted, if required.

A written report based on assessment findings, which includes quantified results as well as site-specific recommendations on how to deal with environmental health hazards found.

Site visit, which involves a thorough visual inspection and testing of the interior and exterior of the building. Approx. 3 hours.

Discussion of initial findings on the day

of the assessment. 

A follow up phone call to discuss findings and recommendations as well as further concerns at the time suitable to you.


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